Who we are

Our Mission

FaithAction International House serves and accompanies thousands of our newest immigrant neighbors, while educating and connecting our diverse community across lines of culture and faith – turning strangers into neighbors! Our goal is to help Greensboro become a model Stranger to Neighbor city, and to share our experience with other communities at this urgent time in our nation’s history. North Carolina and many other communities across the US have experienced a tremendous new influx of immigrants over the last decade, bringing significant ethnic, cultural and religious diversity.  We recognize the challenges, as well as the wonderful gifts our new diversity offers.  In the midst of these demographic shifts, we believe each person, each faith community, each community has an important question to answer - Will we fear one another as strangers or embrace one another as neighbors?  We believe that when we choose to positively engage our diversity and embrace our newest immigrant neighbors, our entire community benefits.  

We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  Open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9am – 5pm. Tuesday and Thursday open 10am – 6pm. (Closed for lunch each day from 1pm – 2pm)

Our History

The idea for FaithAction International House began 20 years ago with the vision of Rev. Dr. Mark Sills and several other diverse community leaders, who recognized the unique challenges and gifts of our changing demographics in North Carolina.  Inspired by the significant influx of new immigrants to Greensboro and the tremendous potential of our diverse communities working together across lines of culture and faith for the common good, plans were made for the creation of an "International House."

Our Staff

FaithAction’s diverse and bilingual staff bring tremendous education and experience to the work of serving and accompanying our newest immigrant neighbors, as well as multicultural and interfaith education and bridge-building programs.  We enjoy welcoming people of all faiths and cultures to FaithAction, and are thankful to serve such a diverse and inspiring community.

Our Board

FaithAction board members are crucial to the success of FaithAction by promoting the good work of the organization and providing financial oversight. Board members are also crucial to the long-term strategic planning process, and participate in FaithAction public programs and fundraising initiatives.  

Stranger to Neighbor Communities

One of our primary goals at FaithAction is to help create model Stranger to Neighbor communities  – communities that choose to embrace the gifts of their new diversity, and are committed to building bridges of trust, understanding and cooperation with their newest neighbors through four interdependent steps: education, exchange, action, and telling the story.