GPD Considers IDs To Help Identify Undocumented Immigrants

Date: 20 Dec 2012

Greensboro Police are considering a system that would help them identify undocumented immigrants.

"They have nothing to show, I am who I am."

Marina Castillo came to America from Venezuela five years ago. She works at FaithAction International House as an immigration attorney.

She is documented but a majority of her clients are not.

"If someone is a victim of a crime and is so afraid, and cannot report the crime, everybody is not safe," explains Castillo.

"There is a lot of fear," said David Fraccaro, Executive Director, FaithAction International House.

Over the past year, Castillo and Fraccaro have worked with Greensboro Police to try to ease that fear.

"What we are doing here is unique and special," said Fraccaro.

They want identification cards for undocumented immigrants.

"It says we recognize you, we see you as human beings, you are residents, you deserve something at the very least that says you are who you say you are," explains Fraccaro...

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