Jeri Rowe from News and Record: A Mother's Story

Date: 11 Dec 2013

I heard it a week ago on a Sunday afternoon.

I was parked on a bar stool, beside a brick wall three floors above South Elm. I came to Triad Stage’s Upstage Cabaret, and surrounded by a crowd of at least 75 people or so, we heard “Out of the Shadows.’’

It was a 75-minute production, put together by the non-profit FaithAction International House, and it contained seven stories of local undocumented workers and how they came across the border, how they hurt and how they survived.

All the stories were incredibly strong. But there was one ….

An actor read the narrative. By the time she was done, she had to choke back tears. She told a story of a Mexican woman who had moved to a county near Greensboro more than a decade ago and how she had befriended her next-door neighbors, an elderly white couple.

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