Building bridges



Presentations & Trainings

We offer several interactive, multi-media educational trainings for faith communities, student groups, and social service agencies throughout North Carolina, and in communities across the United States.

Stranger to Neighbor Congregations

Stranger to Neighbor Congregations seek to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between diverse faith communities and their newest immigrant neighbors through education, exchange, action, and telling the story.

Stranger to Neighbor Dialogues

Stranger to Neighbor Dialogues provide bi-monthly opportunities for Greensboro's current residents to eat, learn from, and share stories with their immigrant and refugee neighbors.  Each dialogue focuses on the gifts or one particular religious or cultural group through the arts and community leader presentations, followed by small group dialogue and large group reflections.
Fredd Circle

Theater and the Arts

Theater and the arts are one of the best tools we have to tell stories that bring to light the full humanity of each one of us, while also lifting up the unique gifts our our newest neighbors.  We recently produced two theater shows - Out of the Shadows and A Place for Us to help educate and connect our diverse community through the arts.