What we do


We help immigrants in need from all over the world meet their basic needs of food, housing, healthcare, and a valid form of identification in grateful partnership with several local agencies, and provide excellent professional immigration legal services. We additionally hold language and computer classes, along with job readiness assistance each week at our welcoming house location in downtown Greensboro.

Immigrant Assistance & Resource Center

We understand that for many of our newest neighbors navigating a new system can be very difficult. We assist and walk with thousands of new immigrants each year in need of food, shelter, furniture, healthcare, and many other basic needs through our Immigrant Assistant and Resource Center.

FaithAction ID Initiative

In 2012, FaithAction launched an innovative community ID program in partnership with the Greensboro Police Department and several diverse faith communities with the goal of building greater understanding, trust and cooperation.  The FaithAction ID is open to any resident who might have limited access to government issued forms of ID, and to those who support diverse and inclusive communities.  Participants must meet certain guidelines to obtain the ID.  As of the fall of 2017, FaithAction and partners have provided over 12,500 ID cards, and Greensboro has become a model for many other cities interested in replicating a similar program.

Language Classes

We provide weekly language exchange classes for people wanting to meet and become friends with a new neighbor.  Our next 8 week series of classes will take place on Weds evenings in November and December.

Computer Classes & Job Readiness

We offer weekly computer classes for beginners. Our computer classes will begin on Thursday evenings in November and December .  Classes include understanding the different parts and functions of a computer, learning to use the keyboard, creating an email and using the internet.