Each month we highlight compelling stories of the diverse people we walk with, learn from and serve, as well as inspiring stories of strangers becoming neighbors in Greensboro.

FaithAction video

Each year, we serve and advocate alongside thousands of new immigrants and refugees, while educating and connecting our diverse community across lines of culture and faith - turning strangers into neighbors. Our vision is to help Greensboro become a model Stranger to Neighbor city, and to share our experience and insight with other communities at this urgent time in our nation's history.

FaithAction ID Program

We are grateful to all of the immigrant and faith leaders, law enforcement officers, nonprofits, health agencies, businesses, and cultural arts organizations that have taken steps in the right direction in North Carolina and beyond. Thank you friends for helping to build safer, healthier, more inclusive and united communities at a time when we really need it.

Fox 8 – Community Foundation Featured Nonprofit

FaithAction Director Rev. David Fraccaro talks about the mission and impact of FaithAction!

ID Program launches in Asheboro

On February 19, 2016 in Asheboro, North Carolina, over 600 people stepped out of the shadows to get their local ID after many months of working together to build support for the ID program. United We Dream, Asheboro Unidos, Faith Action, and rural communities across North Carolina are proud to launch these local campaigns to ensure all residents feel safe and welcome regardless of their immigration status. Produced by United We Dream's emerging Media Makers team.

A Mother’s Story, from Out of the Shadows.

We moved into a little house next door to an older couple, and while they weren’t exactly unfriendly, we didn’t talk to one another like neighbors do. One day, we saw that an ambulance was in front of their house, and it seemed that the husband had suffered a mild heart attack and was being taken to the hospital.

Gail&Nihal – Reflections from A Place For Us Fundraiser

We met at a dialogue. It was a dialogue on the Middle East and we're not people who normally probably would have met. I am Jewish American 3rd generation. My grandparents were from four different countries so I have a deep appreciation for immigration. Nihal was representing Iraq I was representing my heart in Israel and we met each other and I think we fell in love.

David Fraccaro

FaithAction Executive Director, Rev. David Fraccaro shares the story of his journey from small town Indiana to New York City, and the events and people that inspired him to quit acting and become a minister focused on "turning strangers into neighbors." His talk explores the tremendous demographic shifts taking place in smaller cities and towns throughout the United States, and the potential for Greensboro to become a model interfaith, multicultural and immigrant friendly city.

Ibounou Maiga

Mr. Ibounou Maiga was in search of hope when he first came to FaithAction 3 years ago. Mr. Maiga, a native of Niger, dreamed of becoming a US citizen, but the application process seemed overwhelming and the legal assistance too expensive, "I had no hope. I thought there was no one or nothing that could be done to help me." Friends suggested he visit FaithAction.

Adan Vigil Perez

Adan Vigil Perez came to the United States from El Salvador over a decade ago, hoping he might find a job to support his family at home. His father suggested he go to North Carolina, where it was "quiet," and people were "kind and welcoming to immigrants."