Gail&Nihal - Reflections from A Place For Us Fundraiser


We met at a dialogue. It was a dialogue on the Middle East and we're not people who normally probably would have met. I am Jewish American 3rd generation. My grandparents were from four different countries so I have a deep appreciation for immigration. Nihal was representing Iraq I was representing my heart in Israel and we met each other and I think we fell in love. It was something that sort of bonded for us and we felt this intimacy. We've had lunch together since then and the conversation just sparkled. It wouldn't have happened without Faith Action. There's no way our paths would have ever crossed and I'm just eternally grateful because it makes my life richer.


I feel the exact same way. I may cover my hair, my head but I'm not covering my brain or my heart.


That's the best thing we can share with our daughters particularly. I can share how to be an American and how to keep your culture and how to keep it alive inside of you. Its okay to have both. In fact it's rich to have both, and I think both of us have explored that with each other and with our daughters and we're just richer for it and we are thankful. 


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