Ibounou Maiga

Mr. Ibounou Maiga was in search of hope when he first came to FaithAction 3 years ago.  Mr. Maiga, a native of Niger, dreamed of becoming a US citizen, but the application process seemed overwhelming and the legal assistance too expensive, "I had no hope.  I thought there was no one or nothing that could be done to help me."  Friends suggested he visit FaithAction.  While FaithAction did not have a legal program at the time, staff walked Mr. Maiga through the citizenship process - preparing him for tests, providing language classes - and empowered him to apply on his own, "they made me believe I could do it, and it happened!"

Last year Mr. Maiga had another dream - to reunite with his wife from Niger.  FaithAction's immigration attorney, Marina Castillo Gomez was prepared to help him through our low-cost, legal assistance program.  The wait was long and difficult, but recently Mr. Maiga came to visit FaithAction with a special guest, his wife, the morning after she arrived.  We were thankful to have Mr. Maiga on hand at our fall fundraiser to share his beautiful story, and were particularly moved by a call from the hospital last week.  Mr. Maiga and his wife are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl - "I needed the community's help, I found it at FaithAction....and now my family is together."