The December E-Newsletter

Date: 18 Dec 2012

The news of last week's horrific school shooting in Connecticut was devastating.  We send our deepest thoughts and prayers to the families and community of Sandy Hook, and we take inspiration from the beautiful way their community has come together through interfaith vigils and neighborly acts of compassion in the midst of this tragedy.  It was remarkable to see words and acts of empathy and unity come from diverse communities across the world - making us all feel more connected, more responsible for one another.

We also remember children and families affected by violence throughout Greensboro this year, and in cities and small communities throughout the globe, whose stories are not always known and too easily forgotten.  This includes many immigrants and refugees fleeing violence and economic devestation for hopes of a better life in countries like MexicoSyria and Kenya.  We believe our best response to senseless violence and acts of hatred is to grow closer as a community across lines of culture, and to work every day at loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, a shared value in every faith.

This week there are two opportunities to meet new neighbors and stand together as a united community.  On Tuesday evening we invite you to participate in an Interfaith Immigration Vigil honoring the International Day of the Migrant hosted by Guilford Park Presbyterian from 6:30-8pm, and on Thursday evening we welcome you to our Open House at FaithAction from 5-6:30pm.  Staff will be happy to take you on a tour of the house, featuring the launch of our new website and photographs from our work in 2012, and discuss how we can work together for peace and unity in 2013.


Rev. David Fraccaro

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