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Immigrant and refugee services to welcome, advocate, and empower.


FaithAction provides over 75 “Stranger to Neighbor” trainings and presentations each year to schools, social service and health agencies, faith communities, city departments, nonprofits, and businesses.

These interactive, multi-media trainings focus on 4 primary themes, including:

  1. Immigration 101:
      Primary reasons and pathways for migration, myths vs facts, and current policies and their impact on our communities
  2. Turning Strangers into Neighbors:
      Cultural competency, and how to build greater understanding, trust, and cooperation with our newest neighbors
  3. Taking Action Together:
      Best practices and strategies for serving, loving, and protecting our newest neighbors
  4. Telling the Story:
      Creating and sharing stories of personal and organizational/community transformation

Special All-Day Trainings

FaithAction also offers two special all day (5 hour) trainings:

  1. Building a Community ID Program – for communities seeking to replicate the FaithAction ID drive and dialogue model and join the FaithAction ID network. Sessions include: communicating the purpose, logistics, and impact of a community ID program, learning the stages of an ID drive, and ways to expand a community ID program.
  2. Serving Immigrants Training – for community organizations seeking to better serve, educate, and connect with their newest immigrant neighbors. This training, funded through a NC Council for Women FVPSA grant, especially focuses on how to prevent family violence within immigrant communities.