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Immigrant and refugee services to welcome, advocate, and empower.


Now more than ever, we need you to put your faith into action, and to help us serve, love, and protect our newest neighbors!

The families and individuals who access FaithAction programs often face significant challenges: learning a new language and social system, living near or below the poverty line, and navigating shifting immigration policies with the constant fear of detention and deportation.

Our new neighbors—immigrant and refugee families—come with tremendous gifts to share. We believe that by working together—neighbor with neighbor—and guided by a commitment to our values and faiths, that we can support, share, and advocate to reduce the impact of these challenges and create a space where everyone belongs.


Each year FaithAction relies upon the generosity of community volunteers and interns to help staff best serve, educate and connect our diverse community. We require all volunteers to attend an orientation that is provided 4 times per year prior to working with FaithAction. We additionally require a resume and in person interview for interested interns. Potential areas of help needed from volunteers and interns include:

Additional volunteer opportunities, important updates, and upcoming events are posted on our Facebook page!

Bi-lingual volunteers are especially needed for one on one assistance with immigrants that we serve, and will be added to an “on call” email list as needs arise. In addition to the orientation, all volunteers and interns will be screened and asked to fill out an application form!

For more information on current volunteer opportunities, please contact the FaithAction team at

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